Boost your stuck bitcoin transactions

Automated and easy to use.

Simply enter compatible HD wallet recovery words. Afterburner will scan your wallet and prompt you when it finds an unconfirmed bitcoin transaction that is eligble to boost.

Works with most unconfirmed transactions.

Provided certain conditions are met within your wallet you will be prompted to review the stuck transaction and accept the new fees before rebroadcasting to the network.

Client Side App

Your private keys are never exposed to the outside world and remain solely on your device at all times.

Three steps to an unstuck transaction


First, install Afterburner from the Google Play Store. Load in your existing wallet to begin.


Second, Afterburner will analyze your wallet and identify stuck transactions that can be boosted.


Third, accept the new fees, activate afterburn, and you will be alerted when your transaction confirms (usually within the next 6 blocks).

  1. Is Afterburner a bitcoin wallet?

    No. Afterburner is a tool designed to be compatible with any HD bitcoin wallet. You import existing wallet and are able to increase the transaction fee of any eligible unconfirmed transaction. Once a transaction has been boosted you can safely wipe your wallet from the Afterburner app.

  2. Is Afterburner free?

    The Afterburner app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

    To unstuck a transaction you will be charged $5.99 in BTC plus the fee required to the bitcoin miners which varies based on network conditions and transaction size. For more information see our Fees page.

  3. Is Afterburner safe?

    We say it is but you shouldn't just trust us. We have published and open sourced Bitcoin Afterburner and encourage the community to review the code.

    It goes without saying that neither the wallet mnemonic or the private keys are ever communicated with any external servers. Afterburner runs completely client side on your device and uses our bitcoin nodes to broadcast your transaction publicly to the bitcoin network.

    The transaction creation and signing code has been in use and tested by thousands of users since 2015 in our other project Samourai Bitcoin Wallet. We are very confident in our products and we want to keep our good reputation in the community.

  4. How will you be handling UASF/BIP148?

    Our nodes are BIP148 ready.

  5. Which transactions are eligible for boosting?

    A few criteria must be satisfied by your wallet in order to boost a transaction.

    • The unconfirmed transaction must contain at least (1) change output
    • The change output and/or a confirmed UTXO must be large enough to cover the Boosting fees
  6. Which wallets are compatible with Afterburner?

    Any HD wallet that follows BIP44 and BIP39 standards. This includes the most popular wallets Blockchain.info HD, Multibit HD, Airbitz, and Mycelium. See the wallet compatibility table for more information.